Monday, November 24, 2008


This photos are NOT good. But they are the only ones I have. last Friday I want with my friend Lolis to Adriana´s house. Every year they have a Christmas bazaar. Adriana, her mom and sisters, and nieces and nephews are incredible. They are crafty to the max. They knit scarfs, embroider towels, paint spoons (YES spoons) , all handmade. I bought two scarfs and an ebroidered towel Doña Leonor made. Also, they decorate the WHOLE side of their living room with a Nativity scene. It even has a running waterfall! I will go there again and take better pictures so you appreciate it.

The Nativity scene. You can see the curtained windows to the right
so you can check out the size of it.

Her sister made this Advent Wreath.

Doña Leonor decorated these towels.

Lots of scarfs.

Check out this handpainted spoon that was made by Adriana's niece.

There is lots more, but like I said, terrible pictures. Will go again. Have a good night.

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