Friday, March 12, 2010

Expo-Fresas 2010

Last week our city's fair started. It's called Expo-Fresas, fresas meaning strawberry. Lot's of the stuff cultivated here. Anyway, there is something called "Teatro del Pueblo". It's a concert area within the fairgrounds, and everyday there is a concert of some famous Mexican musical group, The music is popular, meaning especially BANDA. Banda is a type of music which uses acordeons and big "tambora" (drum). The costumes the members of the band use include a "Tejana" (Texas style hat).

This Wednesday, a group called K-Paz de la Sierra came to do their show. My friends and I like this group very much, so we went to see them. The concert area has no chairs, everybody is standing. The reason for this is that most of the artists who come, play music which is for dancing, sand almost everybody everybody loves to dance. The entrance fee to the concerts is included in the fair's entrance. How much? 15 pesos, about $1.20!! It is very cheap.

So here are a few photos and two short videos of their most famous songs.

At the other side of the fairgrounds there are
lots of games like roller coasters.

Micheladas-beer mixed with grapefruit soda,
lime juice, tabasco style sauce, and spices.

My friends and I want to go to the fair again to
get in these things.

Andrea says we will look like hamsters in
a plastic ball.

Rueda de la Fortuna (ferris wheel)....

First a local group played for half an hour.

Then the "good", group came out...

Andrea and her friend Fernanda.

Claudia and I.

Claudia knew ALL THE SONGS!

At the end of the concert...

If I get to go again, and get into that hamster thing, I will post about it.
Have a beautiful weekend....adios!


sofia's sketchbook said...

awesome pics!!!!!! so much fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks fun. That hamster ball looks interesting. Wonder what pics taken inside of it would like?

Angie said...

Yes, Sofía, we had lots of fun, and we've got to go back.

Now that Candace has asked that question, "How would pics look from the inside?" I really want to go back and check it out!!!

Anonymous said...

Angie! You had me dancing in my chair! The only thing wrong with your videos is that they are way too short! I especially liked the second group.

Those hamster balls - you sure they are fun??? Must be a very weird experience inside of one.

Thank you for sharing your visit to Expo-Fresas!

Angie said...

Yes, Pam, they are too short. I didn't take my video camera with me. This was taken with my normal camera, and the videos eat up my memory like crazy. Next time I'll take a full video, promise!
Oh, and they're both the same group.

Smita Srivastava said...

First time here thru The Crafty Crow - loved ur blog . its truly like a virtual trip to Mexico . Enjoyed the candy factory visit n the nativity creations .

Love from India
Smita @ Little Food junction

Angie said...

Hi Smita,

Thanks for commenting. Glad you liked this little sample of Mexico. I liked your blog very much.
Hope you'll visit again.
Hasta pronto!