Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Last week was my birthday. My friends at school brought me some delicious cake, and at home my family bought me a delicious apple pie.

I wanted to celebrate my birthday with you by having a giveaway, but with the last giveaway fiasco (only one out of four people has confirmed recieving the gift, it took months to get to its destination!), I have decided to have a different giveaway.

Since I couldn't share the cake and pie with you, I'm giving away a cooking e-book!
Pam from Gingerbread Snowflakes has released a desert e-book called (Not So) Sweets. What's so special about this cookbook (besides its delicious creations)? Its recipes are specially created for those who have sugar restrictions. Mostly made with Splenda, and some with very little sugar, these deserts taste exactly the same as if made with sugar.

Here are two photos from the e-book. Go over to Pam's so you can see more images.

Mmmm, each and every desert looks and tastes great!

So if you are kind enough to leave a comment, I will choose a winner on Monday, March 30th. And you can be sure that if you are the winner, you will recieve the gift that same day!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Spring season....

Felíz Primavera!


Anonymous said...

Feliz cumpleaños! What a good idea, doing an e-book rather than trusting in the not-so-trustworthy postal systems! :-)

Anonymous said...

Angie, Don't count me in the giveaway!! But I just wanted to thank you for thinking of my little book for your birthday giveaway. I love these recipes because you really, really can't tell that they are made with Splenda instead of sugar! And they are some of my all time favorite sweets!

Angie said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Pam, I really think this is a great gift that will be treasured in more than one way- all the goodness of great deserts with the no sugar plus- can't beat that!

Thanks for thinking and producing this great e-cook book.

halaszdani said...

hi Angie!
I am quite sorry! Firstly because you have been working with the giveaway and bloody postal system ruined your efforts.cause I was going to get something and it didn't arrive:-(((
muchos besos, we love you all. I sometimes connect to skype and never see you... lets talk soon.

Anonymous said...

Feliz cumpleaños from me, too, Angie. Don't cound me in the giveaway either. I feel like I've been winning too many giveaways lately and I'm taking a break from entering. Great idea about giving away an e-book, tho, and Pam's will be a wonderful treat for someone.

Anonymous said...

Angie, thank you so much. I can't believe I won, I feel like I'm hogging all your prizes. But thank you very much! The ebook looks lovely!