Thursday, April 9, 2009

La Feria.

The fair. A small,old-fashioned fair. We came to Mexico City today to spend some time with the family. And to see some good friends (Lauro and Enid) who lived here more than 16 years ago. They came with their kids (Valerie-19 and Douglas-15 years old) all the way from N.Y.

Right around the corner from where my mother-in-law lives is the church (Catholic). The church's name is Resurrección del Señor- "The Resurection of the Lord". In Mexico, the custom is that a major celebration takes place on the saint day of the church. And this Sunday is the church's main day. So the celebration includes a small fair on the street.

We took all the kids (ages 7 to 20). There were some bump cars, and what a great time the had with something so simple!!

Here are some of the pictures...

Buñuelos.. Made with flour batter, fried in hot oil, and with
a sprinkling of sugar.

Cotton candy.

Tossing games.

A merry-go-round with real ponies.

Angel and Ian.

Douglas and Eduardo.

Brenda Tanil and Valerie.

Paul and the other Valerie.

The whole gang. Rear from left to right: Douglas, Paul, niece
Ingrid, sister-in-law Yazmín, great-nieces Brenda Tanil,and Mexican Valerie
(they are Ingrid's daughters),
and American Valerie.
Front: Ian, nephew Eduardo, nephew Angel.

And an incredible moon to top off the night.....

Will be posting more photos of the mini vacation. Have a good night....


Anonymous said...

Looks fun, Angie. Are you still in Mexico City? You must have your new laptop with you :)

Have fun and Happy Easter!

Angie said...

Yep, here in Mexico City till Tuesday, and yep, with my laptaop.
Thanks for the good wishes:)