Monday, April 13, 2009

Catedral Metropolitana, México D.F.

What a weekend! It should have been a reflexive, quiet Easter, but with eight people visiting from N.Y. and Puerto Rico, and my husband's family (his mom, four brothers, five sisters, twenty nieces and nephews, AND four great nieces/nephews) it was anything but quiet.
I have to admit, though, that it was a great weekend. Big families are so much fun! And we saw people we hadn't seen in at least 17 years.

So I will be posting in episodes all the things we dad, and places we visited.

We arrived at Mexico City on Thursday, and on Good Friday we visited the Metropolitan Cathedral, Mexico City. Downtown Mexico City has gotten an impressive facelift. The place looks great. We arrived at the Cathedral in time to pray part of the Via-Crucis. On this small tour there were 21 of us.

Main and principal building.

View from the back.

The bell tower.

The boy's chorus singing during the Via-Crucis.

Main altar.

Some other altars.

The huge pipe organ.

The Via-Crucis prossession.

I have about a zillion photos, so I will post them little by little. Hope I don't bore you.
Tomorrow we head back home, so see you tomorrow.... Bye.


Anonymous said...

Oh, the Cathedral is spectacular, so ornate with such a sense of history! I love old buildings but I'm actually not sure if I've ever seen buildings of this age personally. Gorgeous pictures!!!!!!

Angie said...

And under these Spanish buildings are older, Aztec buildings. You see, the Spanish conquerors built on top of the most important Aztec temples to show supremacy. Many of the Aztec constructions have been unearthed and are also beautiful. Both(Spanish and Aztec) are impressive.