Sunday, April 19, 2009

¡A Comer!

After walking around for some time, it was decided it was time to eat. We went to this really nice restaurant that specializes in the "Nueva Cocina Mexicana" (New Mexican Cusine). It took some time having the 21 of us seated. The decoration was pretty neat. I took very few photos here, and they were mostly of our friends. But I will make up with my next post (with tons of photos, probably).

This is a rock wall decorated with stone filters
and trays.

Valerie taking a photo of me. And that's
my mother-in-law Judith.

Beautiful Valerie.

My son with his Aunt Yazmín and Uncle Carlos.
They are very serious looking here because their
lunch hadn't been served yet.

This is what I had. From bottom up:
a bed of nopales (cactus leaf) stewed with onions and chile, then a slab of
panela cheese (it is a fresh cheese), next chicken breast,
on top of that shoestring, fried tortillas strips.
And everything covered with bean sauce.
Pretty sophisticated, huh?

Awilda and Jorge.

Lauro, Enid, and Valerie (with Douglas just peeking).

And the stone filter. These were used to filter
river or well water. The water would be poured into the filter,
and it would slowly seep through the stone
leaving the impurties above, resulting in fresh clean water. bellow

I don't like to use the flash too much, and the result is getting dark pictures. Maybe in a few years I will be able to get a camera like Candace's, and then the pictures will come out better.
In the meantime I enjoy taking photos with my little Sony, and sharing them with you.
I go back to work tomorrow after a two week vacation.
I wish you all (and me too) a beautiful beginning of week!!


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures and interesting about the stone wall. I've been using my Sony Cybershot until the other day (as you know) and I really like it (the Cybershot, I mean) but, like you, it's the indoor and dark shots that suffer. As long as I'm taking pics outside in full sunlight, the Cybershot is great. I still plan to use it, it's so much handier than a big camera but I wanted to be able to do darker I just like cameras :)

But I have nothing bad to say about my Cybershot. Is that what you use, too?

Angie said...

Yes, I have a Sony Cyber-shot, and I've squeezed the juice out of it in the last two years with no complaints except the dark photo thing.
Many eons ago I had a Canon AE1 (film), till it got stolen. I was very happy with it, but afterwards I stuck to small, cheap cameras for fear of losing an expensive one again.
You must be having a great time experimenting again with speeds, shutter width, and the whole lot.