Sunday, June 13, 2010


About a month ago artist-friend, Estela, had her exposition at the local "Casa de la Cultura". I like her work very much. Besides painting on canvas, she goes around small towns looking for old, broken, and termite ridden doors. She treats the wood to rid them from the termites, then makes these beautiful paintings on them.

She also does some incredible alebrijes (check out the link, some interiesting things, those alebrijes). Her alebrijes are made from papier mache.

Here are a few photos of her art. Not the greatest pictures, but I'm sure you appreciate her work.

I photographed the door panels in three shots
getting closer to show the detail.

The photographs that follow are the alebrijes.

I love the doors most.
You should see all the things she has in her house. Lots of linoleum prints. She does acid on metal prints also. Next time I go to her house, I'll take my camera and show you the neat things she has made.
Art always makes me happy. Hope Estela's art made you happy also.
Have a great week!


La Chili said...

I did make ma happy, it's so colorful.

Bob Mrotek said...

You should try doing some of this yourself. I'll bet you would be pleasantly surprised :)

Angie said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it, La Chilli...

I've done some watercolor and I LOVE it. Should take some time to do more stuff. I relax so much when I take my art classes, Bob!

Anonymous said...

It is good to have you back, Angie!

Estela is so talented! I love her doors - the images are so beautifully painted.

And her papier mache Alebrijes - very fanciful. It appears she is very skilled in papier mache technique . I think the papier mache artists from Mexico are some of the finest anywhere.

Angie said...

Glad to be back, Pam! School finishes on July 9, but teachers still have to go till the 16th. Fortunately we don't have to hand in anything else (grades, exams, etc.) so there will be losts of free time! Got to catch up on lots of things...

Estela is so talented! Will talk more about her further on.....

Anonymous said...

Those doors are incredible, so subtle are the paintings. She's an excellent artist.

Anonymous said...

Yes, art makes happy!
Her doors are really beautiful, she is a very talented artist!
I love her Alebrijes too, theylook so funny!