Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The official Mexican sport is the Charreada. It is the original rodeo, though there are some major differences between both.

Some weeks ago, our school was host to an academic event to which more that 80 high schools, that belong to our system, perticipated. As part of the cultural entertainment, a Charreada was organized. Click on the link above for more information on this sport. I do not attend frequently, but when I do I enjoy it pretty much. You see, there is a lot more going on besides the horse thing. There is usually live music and lots of typical food. The Charreada begins with somehing that is similiar to a parade. And sometime in between, there is the women's event called the escaramuza. In this event, the women ride side-saddle in a full skirted costume that includes a few frilly petticoats. They perform a choreography while riding thier horses. It is really pretty.

Some of my male students are charros and participated in this even. Some girl students participated in the parade. This sport is very expensive since the charros have to own a horse (same with the girls, Adelitas). And unlike the American rodeo, the Charrería does not give money prizes to the winners, thus making this an amateur sport. At the end of the competition the winners usually recieve a trophy.

The photos...I love the girl's costumes.

Pretty girls in colorful costumes.

This costume is beautifully embroidered!

One of my favorite ex-students. Straight A's,
kind, thoughtful, and beautiful.
I also love this costume...

Part of the escaramuza.

Many times the escaramuza is performed to music.

Visitors from other states posing for the camera.

This was the "banda" playing at the Charreada.
One of the best bands in the area of the Bajío.

Tried to upload a video of this band playing, but each time I try, it shows some kind of error, and tells me to try again later. Guess I will try again....um, later!

Feels good to be posting a bit more often again!
So I hope I can show you some more things from around here tomorrow.


Bob Mrotek said...

You're doing great!

Angie said...

Thanks, Bob!

Anonymous said...

OMG! The costumes are so beautiful! I would love wearing one of these fabulous dresses! Are they worn only once - for this event?

Angie said...

Pam, hi!!!

The costumes are used many times for these events. For example, the dark brown one used to belong to the girl's Mom, who also participated in the escaramuza when she was young"!

Anonymous said...

Never heard about this, but I think, I like it. Because I like horses and riding and the colorful costumes, too!
Sorry Angie, that I have not been here for such a long time, I`m a lazy blogger and at the moment a little bit tired of blogging...