Sunday, October 25, 2009


When I started writing on this blog, my plan was to post photos of my crafts (knitting, sewing, etc.), but I got into posting mosly about Mexico. I mean, the themes in Mexico are never ending. And I think I haven't posted not even one theme about my crafts. So today's post will be about this.

First, I am actually participating in a Craft:along. Every month three different crafts are posted so the participants can make. I really enjoy doing these things. Here are some of the things I've made.
Some crazy-stitched coasters.

Felt pouches which I gave as gifts
to my friends from Puerto Rico and New York.

Individual placemats. These I gave to my brother
and his wife for their new house.
I recieved an Amy Butler pattern as a gift
since it was chosen best craft of the month!!!!!

Knitted scarf which soon will be
sent to Hungary.

My waterproof lunch bag.

And lime cookies (yes! I baked them myself).

At the moment I'm knitting a balaclava
which will also be sent to Hungary as a Christmas

I also participated in My Mama Made It Gift Exchange. I recieved some really nice sewing notions from Sofia in South Carolina.

She gave me a pouch she made, and the pattern
for making more. She also sent me two pre-cut pieces
so I could sew them. I love this gift.

I've also been visiting many sewing blogs, and I've found some I am really loving. Incredibly, there are so many giveaway. I participate in many of them. You see, it is very difficult for me to buy the many beautiful things for sewing that are online. I earn a salary in pesos which is great here since most things are soooo cheap, but what may be cheap for most people over there (U.S), is terribly expensive for us here. So I participate in the giveaways.
For example I just participated in a fabric giveaway at Sweet Tidings.
I also enjoy seeing what other people are creating. and get ideas for gifts to give over here.
So this is my crafty post. I will try to post more of my crafts every once in a while. And I hope I can have more giveaways (this time I promise to send the gifts sooner).

I wish you all a great beginning of week.....


el dan said...

hey hey hey. Hungary is reading!!!! Wow Angie! we will have to starta a personal giveaway for you too! that scarf is beautiful! What is the other thing yoiu are currently working on? (I cant recall the name... a lot of love,

Angie said...

A balaclava (Russian). It is a hat with a hole for the eyes. In spanish it is called pasamontaƱa. Send your mailing address so I can send it to you soon. Besos y abrazos

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie,
your crafts are beautiful! The coasters are so cute und your selfmade scarf looks wonderful!

Thank you again for the nice giveaway scarfs
and have a great week, too!

Angie said...

Thanks for the comment, Luna: Hope you are having a wonderful Autumn in Germany.

Anonymous said...

Angie! I received a very fun package from you today. I was excited to see my scarf and then found out I also got another bonus scarf and kitchen towels1 I love the "Viva Mexico"! You are way too generous, thank you so much. And wouldn't you know, today is our first cold day so I can wear one of the scarves to work tomorrow and I will!

I love all your crafts, you are certainly ambitious. And I owe you a gift, too, from my pass-it-on but I think I still have a few months before the deadline. Whew! I better start cracking.

Angie, you're such a nice blogger friend, muchas gracias.

Christy said...

I love your beautiful crafts!! Those crazy quilt coasters are super cute! Thank you for participating in my sponsor giveaways, there's a new one comign this week. Thanks for the b-day greetings too! xx

Char said...

Angie, how did you get that knitted scraf from the catcus??? lol lol lovely by the way.....