Friday, September 18, 2009

Morelia V

Continuing with Morelia.
We came upon another small plaza. In the plaza there was a statue of Miguel de Cervantes, and here many artists were selling their creations. Water colors, pastels, oil, and sculptures made of used metal parts. It was very interesting to see so many different types of works of art....

El manco de Lepanto, Miguel de Cervantes.

Metal Man

More metal creations, and in the back an outdoor café.


Views of Morelia.

Another view of the plaza.

More art....

By this time, we were hungry, so
we stooped to eat at this corner fonda.
Very old building, but the food was good.

I haven't finished posting all the photos from this trip, and we are already planning on going there soon again. I better hurry up and finish this series.
Wish you all a great weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

There are sure a lot of photo ops there!

el dan said...

ayy Angie! Los queremos mucho ya escribo mi CV pero hay que mandrlo tambien.
las fondas de esquina, me hace dano recordar los... muchos besos

Anonymous said...

This is really a wonderful place!
And if I will have come to Mexico, I would like to visit it!

The metal men are wonderful!