Thursday, August 27, 2009

Morelia II

The first museum we went to was the only one where I could take photos. This museum's theme was prehispanic artifacts, and the first chronicles of the Spanish. All from this specific area (the state of Michoacán).

There some really nice things. And many are very old. So here are some of the photos.

There were many small statues like this one.

Many of these statues were used for rituals.

CursivaThese "molcajetes" (for grinding and crushing, and making salsas) haven't
changed much through the centuries.

Carvings on stone.

More statues.

Original Spanish book showing the chronicle
of the "conquistadores".

This is a drawing made by a spanish monk.
It shows drawings of the local natives.

Original door made by Spanish artisans.

And a very, very old Spanish uniform.

And my kids were excited with this. An
original cilice (for body punishment). They remembered it from a recent movie
(boys will be boys).

Tomorrow I will continue with more.
Have a good night...

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting. The first two statues me gusto mucho. ;)
And boys are boys all around the world. I guess my boys would be excited about this cilice, too.