Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dolores Hidalgo II

While in Dolores we went and visited Hidalgo's house. He is considered Father of the Nation. He had a pretty large property about two blocks from the church. On the night of the "Grito" he left with the criollos and peasants to fight for Independence. The house was looted. After his death and the Mexicans having gained their Independence (1821), the house was restored. None of the original furniture remain, but many similiar things were brought to the house and made a museum. The furniture there is very old, so no photographs could be taken. But I could take photographs of the kitchen. I would love to have a kitchen like this (really).

The things shown there are the same as te ones used in a kitchen from 200 years ago, and they are still found in many houses today!! In many small towns, the bakery still bakes its bread in brick ovens. I loved this place!

Stone sign marking the house.

The courtyard is very nice, with lots of trees and plants.

The well, it still has water!!

Dish rack, wooden spoons, earthenware jugs.
They are still made the same way as in the past.

Pots, pans....

These are grinding and mixing utensils
made from volcanic rock.
The ones on the right are molcajetes. They are used
mainly for making red and green salsas.
Then on on the right is a metate. This is used for grinding
coarser ingredients like seeds, to make thicker salsas
like mole and pipán (a special mole made with pumpkin seeds).

The brick oven.

Many things were (and still are) cooked
in copper pots.

This is a very nice place to visit. There were many other things, but photographing was a very limited thing. All the things seen in this kitchen can be bought in any "mercado". I love the copper pots, but they are pretty expensive. They are used for making "carnits" (deep fried pork).

School madness is about a quarter done. Three quarters still left. It will all end in June. Gotta go and start making my final exams...

Will make one more post about Dolores, then will continue with Guanajuato.

Que tengan buenas noches!

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