Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pozole Verde.

Green Pozole.
Here is the how-to, just don't look at the dirty blender and filthy stove (incredible how messiness and grime shows so brightly on photograph, sheesh!)

It is very easy. Ingredients:

-Pozole corn (I think it is called hominy in the U.S.)
-Chicken or pork (mine is made with chicken, I used a whole one chopped into parts)
-Green tomatoes (or tomatillos)
-Serrano chiles (also called green chile)
-Radishes leaves
-White Onions
-Salt (you can also add chicken bullion squares)

-Diced or sliced radishes
-Diced white onions
-Shredded Lettuce or cabbage (I prefer lettuce)
-Dried full leaf Oregano
-Sour cream

First thing I do is cook the meat. I always use a pressure cooker, it is faster. All I do is add the meat to salted water, and and cook for 15 min. after the weight starts "dancing" (as we say here).

After the presuure cooker cools down, I take out the chicken (or pork) and put it in a bowl. While the corn is being cooked, I will chop or "pull" the meat for putting into the pozole bowls.

While the chicken was cooking, I put the following in the blender (or you can use a food processor):
-250 gms. (about 1/2 pound) green tomatoes (or tomatillos)
-Serrano chiles (I used about 6),
-cilantro leaves (about one fistfulls),
-radish leaves (just chop them off the radishes, wash them and put in blender, about two fistfulls),
-a head of garlic without skins
-two onions
-a bit of salt (remember the broth already has salt) and chicken bullion

Serrano chiles, and tomatillos.





Next the corn. I don't know how it is sold in the U.S. but here it is sold precooked in bags. It still has to be cooked for about an hour in the pressure cooker. After taking the chicken out of its broth, I put two bags of corn into the broth, and also pour in the contents of the blender.
Cook for about 1 hour....and done!
We went to buy the ingredients pretty late, so there wasn't
any white corn left. This corn tastes just as good.
I wash it three times, because it comes
pre-cooked in a bag.

I know, lots of fat in the broth...
but it doesn't taste the same without it.

Very bright green color.
It will change once cooked.

Serving: I put the meat at the bottom of the pozole, but most people will put it on top. Pour the hot pozole into deep bowls, put all the garnishes in small bowl so you can add whatever you like.
In some places, fresh cheese, and even canned tomatied sardines are added!

Squeeze limes over pozole...remember
we use limes on everything!

We spread sour cream onto the tostadas.

By the look on his face, guess he liked it....

Oh, the oregano.
We put it between our palms and crush it
over the pozole.


Digging in.

Yep... approved!

Hope you understood. I'm not very good at explaining recipies, but it really is easy.
Let me know if you make some....
¡Buen Provecho! (Enjoy your food!)


Barkley's Mommy said...

Angie! Thank you so much for posting this recipe. It is quite different than the "New Mexican" posole we make in my home. Ours uses pork, onions, and dried red chile pods.

My "New Mexico born" husband is the posole cook in my family (What can I say? My mom was Japanese and my dad was Italian!), so he is very excited about trying your recipe... So much that he is going to plant tomatillos in the garden this year!

Thanks again, my friend. Happy New Year.


pam said...

Ha! I've been waiting for this! Just finishing up a couple comments and I noticed you had just posted! So I clicked on your blog and there was my recipe! Yay! Thank you so much. I will definitely be making this sometime this week. This is definitely a month for soups around here - so cold and dark and rainy.

Thank you so much, Angie for taking time to post this!

The Greevers Posse said...

Angie, we ran across your blog on Gingerbread Snowflakes. Your Pozole looked so good that we had to try it.

It was a huge hit with our family! All 6 kids LOVED it (ages 1-16) as well as my husband & I. Even our 6yo daughter who we struggle with eating/liking soups came back for a second helping.

After we were seated at the table we did realize that we had forgot to put in the oregano (something we were going to put inside while cooking). We also only added a few chicken breasts to a bullion soup base, istead of the whole chicken. {We are sure you're right on saying the chicken fat makes it taste so good}. So, we decided that we would definately be making this again so we could try it with the whole chicken & the goodness of the fat.

Thanks from the GREEVERS POSSE in Sunny AZ.

Angie said...

Hi you guys from Greevers Posse,
Glad you liked the recipie. My kids love it, I always want to make a traditional Christmas, New Year's recipie, like turkey and things like that, but they always ask for this dish.
Thanks for stopping by...