Sunday, November 22, 2009


Spanish word for potholder. Literally it means "grabber". It took me so long to make these. You see my machine was not working so I had it fixed. But for some reason, it still doesn't work well. I decided to use it anyway, and made these strip potholder from a tutorial I found over at Char's incredible blog (at last, Char!!).
Mine aren't as pretty as Char's, but I realloy enjoyed making them. The tutorial calls for an appliqué, but I like the way they look just like this.I think they would make nice gifts. Thanks for the tutorial, Char. I'll probably be making more as soon as scraps pile up!!

One of these will probably end up in Hungary. Which do you like, Sofi?
Have a great week!


Char said...

Angie..they are soooo did good girl!!!! Now, how about some small coasters using the same method only about a 4-5" square as a base? I want to make some....

Angie said...

Great idea!! I'm taking my machine to an expert even if I have to pay for the fixing. So I hope tomorrow I'll be able to start sewing up a storm!!!

el dan said...

Angie. I love you!!!
and its greeeeeen!!!:-)
of course
muchos ambrazos y besos! cuidense y amrazos a tu familia!