Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tianguis de Chácharas.

Tianguis means something like an open market or flea market. There are thousands if not millions of these markets all over Mexico, being Mexico City the one with the most amount of Tianguis. Even though Wikipedia proclaims another Tianguis as the biggest, the really biggest one is the San Felipe de Jesús Tianguis. It is more than a kilometer long. There are eight rows the whole kilometer long. This Tianguis is put up and taken down every Sunday. That day the two way avenue is closed.

What is sold in a Tianguis? Well it depends. There are fresh fuit and vegetables Tianguis, electronics, used clothes, new clothes, toys, and "chácharas" Tianguis which just about sells anything used.

In my town we have a few Tianguis (none as big as those in Mexico City), and we have a Sunday "chacháras tianguis". Last Sunday I went there to look for a sewing machine technician to fix my machine (all went well, three days later I had a great sewing machine).

Anyway, I took photos of some of the stuff sold there.

The guy who fixed sewing machines had a lot of
old fashioned machine's spare parts.
Like this engraved cover.

Here is another one. People still have lots of very
old sewing machines that still work
and are used.

Check out this old, hand cranked machine.
I don't know if this one could be fixed.

But this one is in perfect working condition,
The price? $1,500 pesos.
Something like $120. dollars.

We saw this live snake being sold.

Lots of tools...

A chinese parasol, motorbike helmets, coffee maker,
tennis rackets, heater, you name it!!

Books, encyclopedias....

Need a spare stroller tire??

Bright crocs, old rusted chains.......


Small cheesecakes.....

And cold tepache.
It is a slightly fermented drink made from the
pineapple rind. It is very refreshing.

For the kids, a bubbles vendor.

As we were leaving, I saw this birdcage. I thought
about my mother-in-law who has birds.
And the cassette player, pretty old!

Then I saw this record player.
We had one very much like this when we were kids.
Older still!!

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

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